Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Always Something New...

Hello Everyone!

It has been a long time since I have written here and I apologize for that but I promise that I will make it up to you, I just have been busy with my daily work that I love so much. Patrolling the parks and making sure I do more then my part to keep my little corner of the planet safe, clean and just an overall enjoyable place to spend a vacation, catch a few fish, and just ultimately experience the utter bliss of nature and pure beauty of the wilderness that I get to experience every day.

On a slower day recently I went down to one of my more less known about scenic overlooks. As I pull in to the lot hoping to enjoy an early evening snack while reflecting upon the sunset, but instead I notice a car. A white one, but this one was a little different from the rest of the cars in the park today...

I got out of my patrol vehicle, and walked up to the suspicious vehicle, as I am walking up to the vehicle I notice that all the windows are fogged up and I cannot see in the vehicle. So as I am walking up a foot cuts through the steam on the windows and I hear a very enthusiastic moan.

At this point I start to chuckle to myself this is going to be interesting. I remove my Flashlight from my belt and tap on the window while saying "Park Ranger, Please get decent and step out of the vehicle".

I hear the loudest scream that I have ever heard in my life, which scares her lover (I soon find out to be her husband) and they begin to scramble for clothes. In a bit of a panic I hear the girl whispering “What do we Do, What do we Do?”. All of a sudden the door opens, and the girl falls out of the vehicle laughing, with embarrassment, and is blushing like you would not imagine (she was the same color as a tomato). And to be honest I was blushing intensively myself because I have never encountered anything like this before.

So we talk for a few minutes and it is clear that these two are celebrating their honeymoon. They had claimed that they were just married by a judge earlier in the day, in the court house right next to the park that I work in. As fate would have it, I knew the judge they got married by, he happens to be my father's best friend.

I walk back over to my truck and grab my cell phone to give him a call to see if its the truth. And yes, they really were telling the truth.

I pretty much go along my way after giving them a friendly warning.

It makes me happy that people think the park and come here to celebrate occasions that are joyous like this (well...not exactly like this), and are not abusing the park, for massive intake of alcohol, and leaving tons of trash behind.

I really do wish that newly wed couple the best.

Juicy Fruiter

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