Thursday, November 30, 2006


My Engagement Part 1

Well, since I slacked on posting here to my beloved blog, I think some catch up is in order.

So it's time to catch up a bit!

I am currently engaged, I love her more then I care to admit, but this is pretty much anonymous, so here I can proclaim:

(soon to be)
Mrs. Juicy Fruiter I LOVE YOU!

So, how exactly did I turn her from being my girlfriend of (too) many years, to my bride-to-be you ask?

I did it in the park.

Yes, I know it sounds kind of tacky, especially since I spend so much time in the park, but in my mind, there was no better time to do it.

She really is a perfect match for me, she loves wildlife, loves the outdoors, love life, and best of all loves Juicy Fruit!

So, it was evening, the park was empty (I am glad it was), the sun had not gone down yet, (was in mid-june I finnally got the nerve to do this), and I had asked her the day prior to meet me in the park because I had some plans for us. I was waiting paitently for her (but knew if she came late it would ruin my plans!).

It seems as if luck was on my side, she arrived 20 minutes or so before sunset. Yep, you guessed it, I was going for a sunset proposal. So a minute or so after she arrives, I say, lets head out. It kind of caught her off guard, I usually don't leave the office so quickly on the days I ask her to swing by after work.

She asked me "So what do you have in store for me today?" I told her to hop in my Jeep and lets go for a ride, the sun still had a bit to go by the time I got to the spot. Just driving up to the clearing knowing what I was about to do was nerve wrecking.

So I hop out of the Jeep, open up the back, pull out a cooler that has been holding the food I had prepared mid-day in the tiny kitchen we have back at the office. I was glad to see that the food had held its heat in the cooler.

She was happy to see some food, as I knew she was starving, I grabbed a blanket from the back of the Jeep, walked up a bit farther on the ledge, placed the cooler on the ground and laid out the blanket. She immediately plopped down on it and started staring off towards the sun, she loves watching the sunset, she had absolutely no clue what I was about to do.

To be continued....

Monday, November 27, 2006



Sorry to those (3) people who read my blog. I haven't posted in a very long time!

Alot of stuff has happened in my life, most importantly is my engagement to my beautiful fiancé, who I know would not be happy if I posted her name here!

Hopefully I get back to posting here, now that things have settled down.


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