Thursday, August 25, 2005


Same crap, different package...

My shift ended not too long ago, the whole day was a good, relaxing, no troubles, until...

Well, of course, no day can end without some sort of nuisance. An hour before my shift is done, as I am patrolling my last bit of area, before returning and filing paperwork, I come up to a very familiar car.

I must note that I do not have any law enforcement powers (not yet at least!), so anytime someone is 'breaking the law' I need to radio for the 'park police' as I call them. That being said, I recognized the vehicle as belonging to a group of teenagers that are always hanging out in the park.

Two times have I caught them drinking in the park (thats a double problem for the park, triple for me since really can't do much to minors). Anyhow, I pulled up next to them and they were all enjoying some coca-cola....refreshing? A bit too refreshing if you ask me. I stepped out of my truck and walked up them and asked what they were doing here so late. Replies 'Nothing', 'Just hanging out'.

I could smell the alcohol on one of the boy's breath.

I picked up one of the cans that was on the floor (yes, add littering to that) and smelled it, it wreaked of alcohol. What they were doing was dumping out half of the can of soda, and adding alcohol to it, and drinking it straight out of the can. I just looked at them and laughed, does it really look like I was born yesterday?

These aren't bad kids, they knew they were caught and pretty much admitted to it. They didn't try running, nothing of that sort. What bugs me is, where are they getting the liquor from? Who is supplying it to them in the first place?

Well anyhow, I called the park police and they took over from there. All that ever happens to these kid is either, straight released to their parents, or held in juvenile for a few hours until their parents get them. That's it, I wouldn't even call that a slap on the hands.

I am only 28 years old, I am not too far off from these guys, but when I was their age, I didn't do stuff like this, I had fun yes, but I didn't need to break the law to do it.

Anyhow I am ranting now, I'll be very upset to say the least if I catch them again.

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